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Sicilian O’Kelly | The Easiest Sicilian to Start Playing | GM Molton

How to Play the Four Knights Sicilian | Molton

Sicilian Kan

Sicilan Kan. Fra 2:28

Sicilian Kan.

Maroczy Bind fra ca. 17:30

Kan/Introduction to the Hedgehog

Sicilian Kan Hedgehog Overview

Judit Polgar’s Secrets of the Sicilian

Kramnik Variation of the Sicilian Defense

How to learn tactics: Del 1 | Del 2 | Anna Rudolf = King | loose pieces | Unfortunately placed pieces

21 Positional Chess Concepts – Chess Strategies You NEED TO KNOW – Chess Principles and Ideas

End game course | Chess Vibes



Semi slav

Ben Finegold:

Hanging pawn:

Semi Slave, Jonathan Schrantz:


Hvid: London system:

Taimanov Sicilian:

Hanging Pawns

Carlsons game

Judit Polgar

Kan and Taimanov


Understanding the Catalan Opening | ft. GM Srinath Narayanan

Typical Ideas Behind Chess Openings – The Catalan Opening with IM Valeri Lilov

Hanging Pawns:

London system

How to win with the London System | GothamChess

LINES i the London system:


How To Kill The Benko Gambit. | GingerGM

The line that you NEED to know in the London System

London time (SURPRISE ENDING) | Eric Rosen


London. Eric Rosen

Lines against the London:

3 Secret Rare Lines to Beat the London System

Against London: Minh Le

Beat The London System! || Learn The Ultimate Defense

Beat Agadmator’s Anti-London System

The Anti-London Game Every Chess Player Should Know | Erik Rosen

Med timestamps for londonpartier:

Ny med Erik Rosen

Finally showing off my ANTI-LONDON PREP
London Opening Analysis



Eric Rosen:

IMRosen vs IM krzyzan94 | London System

CM PchelkinVK vs IMRosen | Jobava London

IMRosen vs Bathory44 | London System

IMRosen vs IM renatoterrylujan | Bizarre London/Pirc

IMRosen vs FM Saitama_Hero London Barry Attack

Black vs jamesface (1631) Fighting the London System

London tactics

London lessons. Eric Rosen.

How to Neutralise the London | GM Moulthun Ly

LONDON MATCH Eric Rosen vs IM Levy Rozman (Gotham Chess)

$100 London Match vs. Eric Rosen – PART 1

$100 London Match vs. Eric Rosen – PART 2

Nye, der skal tjekkes:

London trap

London Barry attach against Grunfeld:
Del 1 |
Del 2 |

Watch Out For Your D5 Pawn!!! – The Common Tactics in The Barry Attack | Del af london system serie
50 tactics:

London traps: | 0,25 inde i videoen

London system tricks and traps

Against London sytem:

London system spil |
London system spil |

Interessante London system games: | 1:22 inde. Carlsen.

London system (flere games)

Open Catalan

with Bb4+: Hanging Pawns


O’Kelly Sicilian. Lesson by Molton

Rosen spil: BEAUTIFUL Checkmating & Attacking Patterns

Sicilian defence

The Easiest Sicilian to Start Playing | GM Molton

Andre sicilian, der ligner Secilian Kan:

Fra Eric Rosen

Calatan playlist | Hanging pawns:

Beat the Benoni Defense

Beat the Benoni Defense with the KINGSIDE Move Order – Part 1
Beat the Benoni Defense with the KINGSIDE Move Order – Part 2
Beat the Benoni Defense with the KINGSIDE Move Order – Part 3

Links til diverse:

London system opening:

Nimzo indian:

Dutch defence:

Pawn structure:



Lektioner om slutspil fra YouTube

Karen and Spencer. Silman’s endgame course:

End game | Ben finegold: